GROVES are specialists for sound and music for communication. We produce music for specific uses, such as advertising, events, motivational purposes and so on.

We also produce brand sounds that can be used in the products themselves to identify and differentiate them while at the same time portraying their attributes.

We are also a Sound Branding consultancy, offering services that range from providing advice and guidance on individual music related matters, to the development and management of complete Sound Identities.

GROVES work has been recognized with awards such as Effie, red dot, ADC, a.s.o

Our Philosophy | Guiding Principles

We don't consider music to be a "nice to have", but more an essential part of a brands communication. One that is capable of precisely steering perception. With Sound Branding, we have added a powerful new dimension to a corporate or brand identity. One that expresses brand values, harmonizes with the brands visual appearance, and fits its image perfectly. We believe that all brands will benefit by transmitting uniform sound signals consistently in all applications and touch-points. As well as providing an additional point of differentiation from competitors, we make our clients consistantly recognisable just by their sound alone.

We are really passionate about what we do, and are totally committed to providing the highest levels of service and quality in all areas. 

In short, we strive to provide our clients with the optimal solution. Be it a single element such as a Sound Logo, TV commercial, corporate song, or all the auditory components for a truly holistic Corporate Design.

Our History

GROVES Music Production was formed in 1983 as a specialists for music for TV and Radio. Our founder enjoys the reputation of being one of the most prominent producers of advertising music in Germany.

A whole generation have grown up with his music and some of his most memorable ear-worms are known over the whole world. ("Fresh Goes Better" for Mentos, "Sippin' on Bacardi Rum" for Bacardi). Besides advertising, GROVES has been commissioned to produce identity music and jingle packages for many broadcasters, such as the NDR, Radio Hamburg, Sveriges Radio, WDR, N24 and MDR.

Some Highlights of record productions are:

  • An album of music by Mikis Theodorakis sung by Vicki Leandros and produced in the Athens Concert Hall
  • A recording of "Heard it all before" sung by Al Jarreau, and a televised performance introduced by Sir Peter Ustinov
  • Production/arrangements for Lake, The Radio, Taco, Goombay Danceband,The Olsen Brothers aso