GROVES at the Entrepreneur Inside – “alte Hasen und junge Füchse”

April 24, 2018
GROVES at the Entrepreneur Inside – “alte Hasen und junge Füchse”

John Groves was invited to speak throughout generations about entrepreneurship and the music industry. DIE JUNGEN UNTERNEHMER and DIE FAMILIENUNTERNEHMER are the strong voice of entrepreneurship and represent the economic policy interests of 180,000 family entrepreneurs in Germany employing eight million employees subject to social security contributions. One of the distinguishing features of DIE JUNGEN UNTERNEHMER AND DIE FAMILIENUNTERNEHMER is the opportunity for an intergenerational exchange on equal terms – from entrepreneur to entrepreneur. This is exactly where the event joins the series of events entitled “Entrepreneur Inside – Old-timers and young foxes”: For the coming dinner, Senior Speaker John Groves from GROVES and founder Rolf-Dieter Lafrenz from Cargonexx are invited.

About the speaker: John Groves

John Groves is a British composer, musician and producer and specialist in the use of sound and music in advertising and communication. He is best known for his memorable jingles and commercials. In the early 1990s, he developed a structured system for creating identities for brands. This methodology provided the foundation for what is now known as sound branding.

Listen to John Groves's anecdotes and ask your questions.

Date: 24.04.2018   Time: 19:00   


Hafen-Klub Hamburg

Bei den St. Pauli Landungsbrücken 3
20359 Hamburg
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Cost: 35,00 €  

Cost Info:

The participation fee is due with the registration. There is no separate invoicing. The invitation is valid as an invoice in connection with the proof of payment.


John Groves, GROVES
Rolf-Dieter Lafrenz, Cargonexx 


The number of participants is limited and the registration is reserved for members. The round takes place at a common big table.

More information?


DIE JUNGEN UNTERNEHMER are the forum for young family and owner entrepreneurs up to 40 years. Its members want to actively participate in shaping the economy, the state and society. UNDER the slogan Freedom, Property, Competition and Responsibility DIE JUNGEN UNTERNEHMER clearly take a stand for a competitive and social market economy as well as against superfluous state intervention. The overarching goal is to improve the framework conditions for young entrepreneurs - from founders to company successors. The political representation of interests is thus at the centre of the association's life. In addition, the association promotes the entrepreneurial exchange on site.


Since 1949 DIE FAMILIENUNTERNEHMER have been advocating for the interests of German family businesses. As a political advocacy group of family entrepreneurs, they have developed over the past six decades into a recognized and sought-after policy advisor as well as a major entrepreneurial network. Its members have a company that is substantially owned by their and / or other families or in their sole possession. For listed companies, the family or individual must have at least 25 percent of the voting rights.




The History of the Junge Unternehmer

The History of Familien Unternehmer

John Groves Vita



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