DATEV – Holistic Sound Branding with System
Shaping the future – together.

  • Client:DATEV eG
  • Work area:Software, IT
  • Service:Sound Branding


How does the future sound? What does commonality sound like? As part of the implementation of the DATEV-Sound-Identity, these questions had to be explored, clarified and designed.


About the client

DATEV eG is a software house and IT service provider for tax consultants, auditors and lawyers as well as their mostly medium-sized clients. The company is one of the largest IT service providers and software companies in Germany. Together with its members, the cooperative based in Nürnberg, which was founded in 1966, improves the business processes of 2.5 million companies, municipalities, associations and institutions with its solutions.


Read the case-study for DATEV eG: Here

Audio Branding Academy Podcast – John Groves talks about the systematic approach for the DATEV-Sound-Identity:

Brand Audit  




DATEV is a very image-conscious brand and required a sound analysis of the internal and external brand environment. This analysis consisted of a review of the corporate identity and a referral to the vision of DATEV eG. Where does this company want to go, what is the current situation and what can be said about discrepancies between image and identity? Once these strategic issues have been resolved, competition must be explored before a brand-specific sound identity can be produced.  





An unambiguous assignment of sound to a brand identity means, in fact, that a differentiation to existing sound identities of competitors must be sought for the clarification of specific brand values.

Suiting and memorable melody – the DATEV-Sound-Logo




Getting Brands Heard
The translation of company values into the acoustic field provides the so-called "Initial Sound Hypothesis", which formulates the goal for the DATEV-Sound-Identity.

On this basis, the DATEV-Sound-Logo and the other elements of the DATEV-Sound-Identity were developed.




The source material for the sound identity is, next to the sound logo, the brand song. This piece of music is different than the very noticeable melody of the DATEV-Sound-Logo and is understandable as a basis for further compositions. It contains compositional elements which, thanks to a special modernity, quality, dynamic and mood, suggest the unique DATEV-Sound-Identity. 


The DATEV-Sound-Identity was developed according to the evaluation criteria listed above. The starting point for tonality and tone sequence were the brand mission statement and the values for which DATEV stands.

Productions for different applications



Brand Lounge

Trade Fair









Marketing Video



Sound as Brand Communications Instrument

The Benefit for DATEV

Sound Branding translates the position of the brand DATEV into the acoustic channel. Thereby it supports the differentiation from the competitors in the market and gives DATEV an acoustic identity.

Sound Branding supports the brand message of DATEV, core themes such as partnership and future-orientation are underlined acoustically. The entire positioning resonates in the background with: DATEV as an active partner for sustainable solutions and for the economic success of its customers. In addition, consistent Sound Branding increases the commemorative value of the communication measures and thus increases the efficiency of the funds used.

With an innovative theme such as Sound Branding, DATEV also underpins its future-oriented positioning. Analogous to visual guidelines, clear recommendations for use and appliance also exist for the acoustic elements of the brand.

How to do it right!

DATEV eG has an impressive portfolio of brand sounds with over 400 sound elements. This sound pool enables DATEV to systematically communicate their ideals and values in different application scenarios through sound and improves their brand value by manifesting a consistent image. With sound as a complementary stimulus in their brand communication, DATEV has established another communication channel. The use of unpublished material can clearly support image-campaigns, for example, to have an emotional effect. Already used sound elements of the sound pool are associative and can quickly capture and bring forth already created brand images, for example through familiar intromusic in a campaign.

DATEV has succeeded in consolidating their identity through sound in a variety of contact points. The step towards sound branding has steadily increased the value of the DATEV brand, which we can experience live through our existing partnership with DATEV.

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