F-Secure – Invisible Invaders Campaign
How do Cyber Attacks sound?

  • Client:F-Secure
  • Work Area:IT-Security
  • Service:Info-Sonification of Real-Time Data
  • Year:2017
  • Agency:Achtung!


Sonification is the process of converting information into sound. It provides a further channel of information using an additional sense, giving the recipient another perspective from which to examine and interpret information. As an Internet security company, F-Secure is dependent on monitoring and identifying the frequency and type of cyber attacks and having a full understanding of trends and tendencies. Many people responsible for data on the internet are not fully aware of the threat of Cybercriminality. With the latest global campaign "Invisible Invaders", F-Secure have used Sonification to stimulate awareness of this problem.


Website: "Invisible Invaders"

Video: Publicity Stunt in Frankfurt

Official Pressrelease: F-Secure


About the Client

Founded in 1988, F-Secure is a pioneer in Internet security. With over 1000 employees, spread over 25 locations worldwide and their long company history, F-Secure is a serious partner in questions about the Internet infrastructure. Their mission statement says: "with more than 25 years of experience in protecting millions of computers worldwide, from the first malware to the last targeted attack, we know one thing for sure: you will be hit, the only question is whether you can recover and come back stronger. "


The Task

As part of the "Invisible Invaders" campaign, we were approached to develop a concept for interpreting data and making it intelligible using sound. The task was to design sounds for each individual category of attacks that would harmonize with each other and make an esthetic but informative whole. A particular challenge was the audible representation of data in real-time, as overlaps of attacks made it difficult to make clear assignments. Further parts of the task were to implement the system into a web application interface and to supervise a live multi-channel publicity event in Frankfurt, which was filmed as part of the case documentation.


The Result

The real-time information about Cyberattacks was made audible and is used on the campaign's Landing Page (www.invisible-invaders.com). The live event in Frankfurt was a huge success and received excellent press (here). The Sonification of the data has demonstrated the opportunity to perceive and interpret important information via a further sense. It also provided a novel way to get attention and create awareness of Cyber threats and the necessity of having good Internet security.


The sounds themselves are single signals with individual and distinctive textures, which are modified by digital signal processors according to external data. The continuous real-time" data stream uses a custom algorithm to provide a clear and distinct auditory interpretation of a particular situation.

F-Secure Sound Collage



F-Secure Campaign "Invisible Invaders" (german)

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