Fresh Goes Better – the Freshmaker
Singable in many languages

  • Client:Mentos
  • Market-Sector:Food
  • Service:Brand Song Development | TVC Music
  • Agency:Pahnke & Partner

"Fresh Goes Better" was used consistently for ten years in TV commercials all over the world, making it one of the worlds most memorable jingles!

About the client
Mentos is a sweet made by a the privately-owned company Perfetti van Melle, which is available in more than 150 countries. With 19,000 employees, they are the third biggest player in the global confectionery market.

The task
Although Mentos has a consistent visual image, the choice of music for their TV commercials was previously left to each individual market. This meant that sound-wise, the perception of the brand varied from country to country. The challenge was to develop a memorable piece of music and ensure its consistent use in all markets.

The result
The Freshmaker was born! A concept was developed to position Mentos as the perfect mint for an inspiring break. We composed the song "Fresh Goes Better", which was used globally and consistently in all films and radio spots for over 10 years. It was recorded in many different versions and languages.

Even today you can stop someone on the street – from Moscow to New York – and the chances are that they will still be able to sing it! The song was featured in the film Clueless, spoofed by the Wu Tang Klan, played on the Letterman show and a used in countless Youtube videos.

Mentos Brand Sound Design
Mentos TV Ad
Mentos Clueless Scene