Company Song

"Music made to measure"

As a part of a holistic Brand Sound Identity or as a single communication element, a Brand Song is the perfect tool for increasing emotional appeal and saying “here we are!” It will generate team spirit and a communicate a feeling of involvement and belonging.

A good Brand Song will make your brand recognisable - even with your eyes closed! And there are so many opportunities for sending your own unique sound signals, such as in the telephone, CRM, exhibitions, videos, events, ringtones - in fact, any media that uses sound.

With over 25 years experience, and references like Bacardi, Mentos, TUI or T-Mobile, we will take your brand image, brand message or product information, and communicate it in an emotional and memorable way.

What are the advantages of a Brand Song?

  • increased emotional appeal
  • transport of corporate values
  • improved:
    • recognition
    • differenciation from the competition
    • identification
  • steer perception
  • create a uniform brand perception in all touch-points
  • feeling of involvement and belonging

How can I use a Brand Song?

  • as a team building tool and for employee motivation
  • a give-away for customers & partners
  • an auditory business card for the sales force
  • music in the telephone (on-hold / ringtones)
  • in-store / office environment
  • music for promotion activities / image videos
  • website music
  • live events, conferences, trade fairs, shows


  • more than 25 years of experience
  • state-of-the-art studio technology
  • top references from global brands
  • top songwriters, lyricists and singers
  • competitive prices
  • saving on usage via a Corporate License

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