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Getting heard - Your Sound. Everywhere. Always.

As a Sound Branding consultancy, we develop and manage corporate and brand Sound Identities, giving brands their own distinctive voice.

A corporate Identity is often regarded as something purely visual, but when we stop to think about it, we will realise that it is indeed much, much more. Brands and companies project their images in a whole range of other ways, for instance through architecture, behavior, language and, in this case - sound!

In our everyday life, sound provides us with important information for orientation. It can give us an idea how big a room is and it can make us aware of pending danger! Sound, especially music, is also a powerful trigger for influencing our perception. Besides addressing our emotions directly, it can accurately trigger memories and associations: to an era, a country - or even to a brand.

A Brand Sound Identity could be just one element, like a Sound Logo or Brand Song, or a complete set of interlocking matching elements. 
The secret of getting it right is to send the same unique and uniform signals consistently in all touch-points and applications. This differentiates brands from each other and gets them noticed.

Whats more, recent research delivers solid evidence that sound and music has the power to steer the perception of quality and value, which will inevitably influence purchase choices. One more reason that the strategic implementation of music and sound should not be neglected.

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icon_developOur System explained

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icon_developWhat is Sound Branding


Sound Branding is about using sound and music as an instrument for creating awareness and recognition in much the same way we usually do with visual design elements. A Sound Identity makes the perception of a brand steerable and provides a constant familiar association.


icon_developHow Sound Branding works


Sound Branding is systematic – both in its development and its implementation. Attributes are translated to the auditory level and communicated consistently across all touch-points and applications. A common uncoordinated use of music is replaced with intentional "made-to- measure" brand sound signals. These signals ensure recognition and help provide differentiation.


icon_developWhere it fits in


Sound Identity transports the brands personality and attributes in much the same way that visuals, architecture and language do. It is developed,  implemented and managed by following a logical structured system as an integral part of a holistic brand management strategy.

Brand Recognition 75%
Emotionalization 40%
Return on Investment 30%

Our Sound Branding System

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