Video: “The Neglected Potential of Music and Sound in Branding, Communications and Healthcare”

March 12, 2018
Video: “The Neglected Potential of Music and Sound in Branding, Communications and Healthcare”

John Groves spoke as a thought leader at the DIA – the biggest global conference on digital insurance presenting innovative new technology that is set to disrupt the insurance industry. Watch the video of his talk about the impact of disruptive technologies in the music making process and the neglected potential of sound in preventive and occupational healthcare.


Video: “The Neglected Potential of Music and Sound in Branding, Communications and Healthcare”.

A keynote by John Groves.


It’s been said before and it will be said again: Music and sound have an enormous power that is often not being fully used. As Thought Leader, John Groves, British composer, musician, producer and specialist for the use of sound and music in communications, was invited to give a keynote speech at the Digital Insurance Agenda Conference for an audience of global insurance executives. 



In the video, he speaks about the effect of disruptive technologies in the music creation process and the threat of Artificial Intelligence, Sound Branding, Sonification, and Psychoacoustics. He goes into detail on navigational sounds in medical equipment and the applied use of sound in a healthcare context for Hospitals and Corporate Health. 

His talk concludes about the future role of sound and music in healthcare and about Receptive Sound Therapy to improve sleep, manage stress and many more mind related problems. 


Find out more?

His current book is „ComMUSICation - from Pavlov's Dog to Sound Branding“. An informative and easy to read book covering the origin and influence of sound on our life, the importance of qualitative, consistent and right communication, and the necessity of a system in the development of sound identities.


Listen to the Audio Snippet here:


See also the video: “Psychoacoustics: The Power of Sound and Music to control our minds.”

This talk examines the phenomena sound and music from a perceptual perspective and observes its effect on our emotions, our memory, and on our health. It demonstrates how sound is capable of exerting psychological power over our thoughts and on our biochemistry, having a profound neurological effects on the nervous system. We also observe how sonic impulses and vibrations can synchronize brainwaves for effectively relieving stress, promoting sleep and boosting concentration.

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