Corporate Sound for a world-wide insurance company
Think global. Sound local

  • Kunde:Aegon N.V.
  • Marktsektor:Versicherung
  • Service:Sound Identity Entwicklung & Management
  • Jahr:2014
  • Agentur:---
At the time of writing we are in the middle of the roll-out of the new Aegon Brand Sound Identity.The main Brand Sound Elements are ready. We have held a number of international stakeholder webinars and have started activities in individual territories like Brasil and the Netherlands. Our role will be one of brand sound guardians, and we intend to manage the Brand Sound Identity via a centrally administered in BrandNet - a globally accessible web-site with complete brand documentations. Here and in the Brand Sound Manual, all users will have direct link to us over a hotline.

About the client
With more than 24.000 employees, Aegon is one of the worlds leading insurance companies operating in key markets on four continents. In north America Aegon operates under the brand name „Transamerica".

The task
Aegon is a relatively new client and the Brand Sound Identity is currently being rolled out territory by territory.

The result
The basis of the Brand Sound Identity has been created and comprises of a Sound Logo and Brand Song. The first international creative workshop took place at the GROVES Netherlands studio in Amsterdam, who are responsible for project management. Stay tuned for further developments.
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