Maximising Retail Sales: The Effect of Music


Music in retail has the potential to increase sales by more than 10%. The study looks at the behaviour of weekday shoppers who are exhausted from their working week and react positively to the atmosphere created by music in the store. This leads to more spontaneous and generous purchasing decisions. Discover how carefully selected music can improve the effectiveness of retail environments.

Revving Up Brand Presence


Die moderne UX ist wie eine starke Droge, die ständig das Belohnungssystem unseres Gehirns auslöst. Sie gehen zum Beispiel 10.000 Schritte, Ihre Apple Watch gratuliert Ihnen und Sie fühlen… ja, Freude.


Programmatic audio advertising is making waves in the world of digital marketing. Whether you’re an enthusiastic audiophile, a curious learner with your ears perked up, or someone who’s more comfortable in the world of visual ads, this blog is about to drop some audio wisdom that will leave you humming with excitement.

Healthcare Marketing – Striking the Right Tone


Brands want to differentiate themselves from the competition and trigger emotions with a characteristic sound. Why is an acoustic signature important, how can brand values be translated into music? There is much untapped potential when it comes to brand sound in the healthcare sector.

Why is it important to have an Audio Logo?

An audio logo, akin to a visual logo, serves as a key component of a brand’s audio branding. This brief, distinctive sound clip embodies the brand’s identity and is adaptable across various media such as TV, radio, and digital platforms. Its primary purpose is to establish a consistent and potent auditory presence for the brand.

Cotton Made in Africa – Music Made in Hamburg


Cotton Made in Africa – Music Made in Hamburg
 We are thrilled to have contributed to Cotton made in Africa’s newest initiative. Our role was to enhance the project’s latest image film with a unique and memorable sound identity. This sound logo translates the brand’s essence into an acoustic form, establishing a distinctive auditory identity […]

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