DATEV – Genossenschaftliche Plattformstrategie

As part of DATEV’s cooperative platform strategy, four videos have been developed on digitization and cloud solutions. As one of the largest IT companies in Germany, DATEV wants to position its own online platforms as digital and comprehensible tax tools, thereby opening up additional clients for the cooperative members.

DATEV’s sound identity was one of the most fundamental tools in this campaign to connect the emotional content of stories with the brand. With individual compositions that use the melody of the DATEV sound logo, but also material from the brand’s own sound pool, not only the individual stories could be highlighted, but created by the continuous integration of the sound logo acoustic associations with the brand. The sound logo has been an important part of DATEV brand communication for 10 years now. It is the counterpart to the visual logo and one of the most important assets that DATEV can use for brand value creation. The flexibility of the sound logo made it possible to adapt to the mood and texture of the different scenarios and ensured a targeted auditory communication of brand and story in a music production.

Watch the different videos and watch the DATEV sound logo.

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