ISR - Immersion in Digitalisation


About ISR

ISR Information Products AG focuses on the responsible processing and solution-oriented analysis of large and diverse volumes of data.

As a full-service provider for analytics and process digitisation, ISR relies on market-leading technologies while designing and implementing data analysis solutions.

The focus is on topics such as business intelligence & analytics, data management, process digitisation and application management.

With headquarters in Braunschweig and offices in Hamburg, Cologne, Munich, Frankfurt and Münster as well as around 200 employees, ISR already has 28 years of experience in this sector.

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The ISR Sound Identity

The ISR sound logo forms the core of the ISR brand sound.

In addition, ISR has an extended jingle form of the sound logo, which is based on the linguistic style of the claim “for-your-digital-smile”.

Furthermore, the brand already has its own ISR brand music, which will be used in future film projects.

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Other Sound Branding Projects

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