John Groves at the Polar Talks in Stockholm with Sting and the King

Polar Music Prize 2017

Every year the Polar Prize celebrates music and its creators. It is regarded as one of the music worlds most important awards. This years laureates were Wayne Shorter and Sting. John Groves was invited to speak at the Polar Talks.

His talk, ”Psychoacoustics: The Power of Sound and Music to control our Minds”, focused on the perspective of the listener and examined how sound and music affects our memory, our emotions, and our health. He observed that besides the associative effects that music has on our memories, the fundamental characteristics of sound – such as frequency and vibrations – can also have a significant impact on us. His talk demonstrated how structured systems can help us to effectively use sound and music for shaping thinking processes and steering perception.

Building on his experience in Sound Branding, John Groves spoke of his recent work in healthcare, which included: Auditory navigation for medical equipment, Healing Soundscapes in hospitals, and the development of Receptive Sound Therapy programs for improving sleep, managing stress, and more (

On the day before Polar Music Prize is awarded, the TED-like Polar Talks take place. Creatives, artists and scientists from all over the world come together to share their thoughts and ideas about the social, artistic and scientific aspects of sound and music.The motto for 2017 was “The Power of Music” and the British composer, musician, and producer John Groves – as one of nine speakers – was invited to speak about his work in the area of applied sound and music.

Groves is known for having created a structured system for the development of sound identities, which is now referred to as Sound Branding.

„It is such a cliche to say that music is my life, but I am going to say it anyway! I am so grateful that I have been able to make the thing I love doing most into my profession”

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