The three ingredients of successful Sound Branding

The 3 ingredients of successful Sound branding

The 3 ingredients of successful Sound branding How do Brands communicate with their customers – what are the relevant touchpoints and how can they use them? A data-driven and sensibly crafted Sound Branding strategy is a very #powerful tool: Brands can use sound to reach their customers and, at the same time, build a unique […]

German business film award for DATEV corporate video. Music comes from GROVES.

Last Tuesday, the German Business Film Award was presented for the 51st time at Cinema International in Berlin. From 230 submissions, 10 works in a total of 5 categories were nominated. In the category “Economy well presented”, the DATEV image film convinced the 15-member jury and managed to assert oneself against the submission of other […]

Music for McDonalds Christmas ad

400,000 clicks on YouTube in just one week! We are really happy to have been asked to compose and produce this song for little Emil, the lonely polar bear. We have even Christmasified the sound logo! Watch the video here. The first Christmas stands are already being set up here in Hamburg. It is not long now until the Advent season. […]

Video: “ADChill Thank You Note”

GROVES went to the GAGA Club for the ADChill Event As part of the annual ADC Award Event in Hamburg, GROVES organised an evening “meet & greet” event at the GAGA Club. #ADChill We would like to thank all ADClers and our friends for showing up and creating this special night with us.

Welcome to the DATEV Development-Lab

For those who have always wondered what DATEV actually does, we present the “DATEV Development-Lab“. The campaign will be running in cinemas in the south of Germany and online. We´re proud to have delivered everything you can „hear”, from slapstick music to SFX to Dolby 5.1 mix. Enjoy!

DATEV – Genossenschaftliche Plattformstrategie

As part of DATEV’s cooperative platform strategy, four videos have been developed on digitization and cloud solutions. As one of the largest IT companies in Germany, DATEV wants to position its own online platforms as digital and comprehensible tax tools, thereby opening up additional clients for the cooperative members. DATEV’s sound identity was one of […]