Product Sound Design
Auditive UX

development of sounds for medical applications

Music and sound offer the opportunity to positively influence our lives. Based on our many years of experience with our customers Olympus, Hocoma, Hevert and Allergopharma, we have created the GROVES Medical division, which specializes in medical and therapeutic applications. GROVES Medical has two divisions: Medical Sound Design – music production for medical devices (HF generators, ventilators, sound elements in accordance with DIN EN 60601-1-8) Medical Sound Research – development and production of sound stimuli to improve sensory states (anxiety, stress, concentration, sleep, etc.)

Product Sound Design based on Din-Norm


Auditory UX design for the automotive industry

Development unit for electromobility

From summer 2021, electric and hybrid cars will have to make artificial noises in city traffic. With this regulation, Europe is following the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) regulation on the road safety of electric cars.
The system goes by the name of AVAS (Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System).
Although the framework conditions for the sounds to be used are defined within the so-called “Minimum Sound Requirements for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles”, they offer enormous scope for action, especially with regard to the emotionality and recognizability of the respective brands and models.
GROVES has set up a unit for this subject area that deals with the regulations in the field and can simulate possible, independent and yet compliant sound representations using its own prototypes.
In addition to specializing in the “exterior sound” of the models, we also deal with interior sounds (soundscapes) and the development of UX sounds / product sound design in relation to the auditory perception of all vehicle functions.

Development and design of software sounds

Web program and app implementation


“The user experience determines the success or failure of software.”

Whether program, app or web solution – we have many years of experience in the field of product sound design for software solutions, because auditory feedback plays an important role in the user experience.

From start-up, shut-down, success or abort signals to specially developed solutions for the sonification of large amounts of data, we offer planning, development, production and implementation support.

Auditory representation of a .json string? No problem!
DATEV, Olympus, F-Secure already use software sounds from our company and our sonification approach made us a finalist in the VERBUND Innovation Challenge.

Product sound design for consumer electronics and telecommunications solutions

In-Product Testing


Microwave, washing machine, digital camera? Products can and should be able to “speak”.

The use of recognizable, distinguishable and logical sounds makes their use easier, more efficient and qualitatively more appealing.
Whether it’s consumer products from our customer Olympus or Gigaset brand telephone solutions – we provide the answer to the question of whether and how a product should sound.

In addition to the pure design of the sounds, our GROVES Sound Branding division enables us to give even “generic sounds” a recognizable auditory brand connection.

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