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Product Sound Design // Auditive UX

Product Sound for Medical Equipment

Based on our experience with clients such as Olympus, Hocoma, Hevert, and Allergopharma, we created the GROVES Medical unit to specialise in Product Sound Design for Medical and Therapeutic Applications.

There are currently two orientations within GROVES Medical:

Medical Sound Design – music production and sound design for medical devices
(HF generators, respirators, sound elements according to DIN EN 60601-1-8)

Medical Sound Research – development and production of sound stimuli to improve sensory states (anxiety, stress, concentration, sleep, …)


  • Hardware Set-Up (exact replication)
  • Sound Production
  • Implementation

Product Sound Design based on 


  • Implementation according to DIN EN 60601-1-8 / IEC 60601-1-8: 2006
  • Comprehensive option for format conversion
  • Prototype production
  • Project implementation and coordination via online web applications

Audible UX Design for the Automotive Sector

From the summer of 2019, electric and hybrid cars in city traffic must make an artificial noise to identify itself.

With these new regulations, Europe is following the US Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) regulation on road safety for electric cars.

There are framework conditions for the sounds defined in a document “Minimum Sound Requirements for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles”. However, they offer room for interpretation especially regarding to the emotionality and recognizability of individual brands and models.

GROVES has created a specialist unit which has attained knowledge of regulations and needs in this area. We have the capabilities to develop unique, regulation conform sounds and simulate them for presentation, using our own custom prototypes.

As well as designing sounds for the exterior, we also offer our services for general Product Sound Design, paying special attention to the auditory perception of the vehicles functions. (UX)

Development Unit for electro-mobility


  • Prototype production
  • Project implementation and coordination via online web applications
  • Extensive option for format conversion
  • Expert knowledge about interpretation of standards and regulations
  • ThinkTank: Acceptance of autonomous driving through sound

Development and Design of Software Sounds

“The user experience is often the key to the success or failure of software.”

We have many years of experience in the sound design for software – be it computer programs, apps or web solutions. Our customers are aware of the importance of sound for an optimal user experience.

We design custom navigational sound signals – like for start-up, shut-down, success or failure. We also have developed solutions for the sonification of large amounts of data to provide additional insights to status and statistics.

We offer consulting, planning, development, production and implementation.

Auditory representation of a .json string? No problem!

We have supplied software sounds for companies such as DATEV, Olympus, and F-Secure and our sonification approach made us the “finalist of the VERBUND Innovation Challenge”.


Web program and app implementation


  • Support in the integration
    (PHP, Swift, html5,…)
  • Prototype production
  • Project implementation and
    coordination via online web applications
  • Comprehensive options
    for format conversion

Product Sound Design for Consumer Electronics
and Telecommunication Solutions

Microwaves, washing machines, digital cameras? Products can and should be able to “speak” to the users.

Products with recognisable, distinguishable and intuitive sounds make the use easier, more efficient and more appealing.

From the sound design of the consumer products of Olympus – to providing telephone solutions for the brand Gigaset – we answer the question “how” and “when”  – and  even “if” a product should sound.

Sound is an important factor when it comes to steering the perception of quality, power and reliability

In addition to design and production, our GROVES Sound Branding division can transform “generic product sounds” into recognisable signals of a Brand Sound Identity.

Interested? Contact us!

In-product testing


  • Prototype production
  • Questionnaire creation for test scenarios
  • Project implementation and coordination via proprietary online web applications
  • Comprehensive options
    for format conversion


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