Ramazzotti // Sound Branding “Gioia Della Vita” – the Italian Zest for Life How do unforgettable moments sound? This was one of the key questions within the Ramazzotti sound identity development project. For a long time, Ramazzotti focused its communication on the core product “Ramazzotti Amaro” – a herbal liqueur with a brand awareness of […]



Olympus // Product Sounds Sound Design for intuitive Navigation of Medical Equipment Olympus Electrosurgical Generator ESG-400 About the Client Olympus is a manufacturer of optical and digital devices that was founded in Japan in 1919. In addition to cameras and dictation machines, its products also include endoscopes, microscopes, as well as other medical and industrial […]



DATEV // Sound Branding DATEV – Comprehensive sound branding with a system Zukunft gestalten. Gemeinsam. What does the future sound like? What does togetherness sound like? As part of the implementation of the DATEV sound identity, these questions had to be explored, clarified and structured. About the Client DATEV eG is the software house and […]



AEGON – Holistic sound branding with a system Transform Tomorrow. “Brands are remembered in different ways, and sound is a great tool for that,” says Wendel Hofman, Group Brand Manager at AEGON. “We want the AEGON soundtrack to evoke positive, happy feelings. That’s why we have developed AEGON music for every occasion. As we continue […]



LBS – An Evolution instead of a Revolution Building brand values in a targeted manner. ChatGPT We were tasked with evaluating the utilization of audio elements in the brand’s television advertisements and to provide recommendations for enhancing its sonic branding. In the course of our analysis, we unearthed a gem. A 40-year-old jingle, deeply embedded […]


F-Secure – Invisible Invaders Campagne What do cyber attacks actually sound like? As part of the “Invisible Invaders” campaign, we were asked to develop a concept for interpreting data and making it comprehensible with the help of sound. The task was to design sounds for each individual attack category that harmonize with each other and […]


BfR // Sound Branding BfR – Holistic sound branding for the institute Science in the service of mankind. The focus of our work is the protection of human health”, says the mission statement of the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment. The BfR achieves this very laudable maxim through excellent scientific work and a reputable image […]



bonprix – Holistic Sound Branding as a System “it’s me!” says the bonprix brand logo “bonprix’s brand promise is encapsulated in a simple yet powerful statement: ‘This statement defines everything we do and create at bonprix to be your fashion favorite.’ This mantra not only guides our actions but also shapes our creations, ensuring we […]

EDEKA Heartbeat

EDEKA – Wir lieben Lebensmittel Development of the “Edeka Heartbeat” “Wir Lieben Lebensmittel” “If you start the day without a decent hairstyle, sometimes you’ve just spent too much time cooking.” headlines Horizont. Edeka’s new brand campaign not only shows stories about a special breakfast, but also presents its new sound logo for the first time. […]

DATEV Experience Center

The Ultimate “Sound Experience” DATEV – Experience Center Briefing centers are designed to connect visitors emotionally with brands and products before the decisive meetings take place. The underlying motto is: “Brand experience first, meeting second”. This concept was modified for DATEV: “Brand Experience throughout the meeting”. The floor plan, furniture, lighting, scent and sound were […]

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