The 3 ingredients of successful Sonic branding

How do Brands communicate with their customers – what are the relevant touchpoints and how can they use them?

A data-driven and sensibly crafted Sonic Branding strategy is a very #powerful tool: Brands can use sound to reach their customers and, at the same time, build a unique sonic identity that makes them instantly recognisable!

What are the 3 most important ingredients of successful sonic branding?


A sonic identity makes brands memorable and distinct. We’re all familiar with the “I’m Lovin’ It” sound of McDonald’s… Sonic Branding translates brand values into music.


The right voice will give your brand a specific character and set the tone that best represents your brand values.

Sound effects

Every sound that is not music or voice, can be part of a sonic identity. Slack or Microsoft are usings sounds that can easily be associated with their brands!

Keen to learn more about what makes effective Sonic branding?

More infos are available in our Sound Branding section.

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