Sound Branding and its opportunities | Valencia, Spanien

Sound Branding and its opportunities | Valencia, Spanien

John Groves über Sound Branding am SGAE Cultural Center, Valencia, Spain

Talking to Spanish media composers in Valencia.

John was very happy to have been invited to Valencia to talk to an audience of 60 audiovisual composers about the systematic approach to Sound Branding. SGAE, the Spanish collecting society, invited composers from all over Spain to this one-day event, which took place in their wonderful premises in the old town.

Sound Branding is only just starting to be taken seriously in Spain and the composers were very inquisitive to find out as much as possible about this additional work opportunity. A representative of the Berklee College of Music, who have a campus in Valencia, held a very interesting talk about the technical side of making media-music today.

The afternoon was dedicated to talks about collection, distribution and general business which, being paired with the educational morning session, made a very balanced day!

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