Audio Logo or Sound Logo?​

Audio-Branding on a Sound-Branding Page?

United in Spirit: Audio Branding // Sound Branding // Sonic Branding // Acoustic Branding

To help you understand

The industry has unfortunately been struggling for years to find a uniform terminology – by the way, you can find ours here. But why do we at GROVES call “Audio Branding” ” Sound Branding” then, or an “Audio Logo” a “Sound Logo”?

The explanation is relatively simple: Our founder John Groves is English and simply had problems with the term, “Audio”.

Want to see examples?

Ok…”the sound of a brand” vs. ” the audio of a brand”? Another one?
And even in the case of the equivalent to the “visual logo”, you would say “auditive logo” and not “audio logo”.

Essentially, it’s about the distinction between “creating” sound (to sound) and “receiving” it (Audio -> Latin: “I hear”).

Your sound logo or audio logo mirrors your brand identity in sound – you as a brand become the “sound”.

and your potential customers to the “Audience”.

Why this can help you?

Maybe you play an instrument or listen to music for 8 hours a day? Have you already read several books about Acoustic Brand Communication, Sonic Branding or Brand Sound? Then this terminology debate will certainly not be a problem to you.

However, we talk again and again with colleagues who work professionally in design, branding, advertising, communication or PR and sometimes grin a little when we receive requests for a “sonic logo” including a “company song” for their “audio identity”.

Sound Logo, Sound Identity, Sound Branding, Sound Dimensions, Brand Sound or Sound Icons simply go well together in our opinion. With Audio Logo, Audio Identity, Audio Branding and Brand Audio you quickly run out of possibilities… and we don’t even want to start with terms such as, Sonic Branding, Sonic Logo or Acoustic Branding…

By the way, the word “sound” has another positive reiteration. As an adjective it also stands for “healthy, powerful, reliable or well-founded” – so a clear Audio 0 – Sound 1!

Warum uns das wichtig ist?

To be honest, we have seriously already offered to change our terminology for the benefit of “a unified appearance of the industry”.

As a founding member of the Audio-Branding Society, we are in constant exchange with our fellow members. But even here, the two camps, namely “audio” and “sound” continue to exist….

However, an industry that is to be taken seriously should also speak a uniform language that everyone can understand.

And now?

For the above mentioned reasons – If you want to know more about the about the subject of Sound Logos from GROVES Sound Branding, Click hier😊 Incidentally, there is also a wonderful article on this topic by John Groves. (here). Do you have a different opinion? Write to us (or just drop by for a coffee)!
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