bonprix campaign 2014 @ GROVES Music Production

GROVES is proud to have composed and produced the music for the current TV campaign of the Hamburg-based fashion label bonprix. In the musical style of the 50′s, the title “In my dream” supports the romantic story line of the spot which features the brand new fashion items in a humorous way.



“Fashion is fun – not only for those who are wearing it but also for the people who can see you wear it” says Marcus Ackermann, CEO of Bonprix.

The campaign was created by Jung von Matt/Alster together with Markenfilm and will be used in TV spots, in cinema spots, on Facebook, in Online shops, on the homepage and in the fashion stores.


Currently, the spot is on air in Germany and in the Netherlands and will soon be used in further countries.

Bonprix is a subsidiary of the German fashion label Otto Group and present in 27 countries.


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