Welcome to the DATEV Development-Lab

For those who have always wondered what DATEV actually does, we present the “DATEV Development-Lab“. The campaign will be running in cinemas in the south of Germany and online. We´re proud to have delivered everything you can „hear”, from slapstick music to SFX to Dolby 5.1 mix. Enjoy!

DATEV – Genossenschaftliche Plattformstrategie

As part of DATEV’s cooperative platform strategy, four videos have been developed on digitization and cloud solutions. As one of the largest IT companies in Germany, DATEV wants to position its own online platforms as digital and comprehensible tax tools, thereby opening up additional clients for the cooperative members. DATEV’s sound identity was one of […]

John Groves at the Polar Talks in Stockholm

John Groves at the Polar Talks in Stockholm with Sting and the King Polar Music Prize 2017 Every year the Polar Prize celebrates music and its creators. It is regarded as one of the music worlds most important awards. This years laureates were Wayne Shorter and Sting. John Groves was invited to speak at the […]

Groves at the Digital Insurance Agenda 2017 in Munich

DIA Conference

John Groves will speak as a thought leader at the DIA in Munich on Thursday, November 16, 2017. He will talk about the impact of disruptive technologies in the music making process and the neglected potential of sound in preventive and occupational health care.

GROVES received a Better Sound Award for their auditory e-Health Application SonicTonic

The International Sound Awards 2017 took place at Gruenspan in Hamburg. An exhibition of selected projects was followed by an award show honouring projects with the “Better Sound Award” and the “ISAbell”. More informations about the Case: Case: SonicTonic More Information about the International Sound Award 2017: www.audio-branding-academy.org SonicTonic Homepage: www.sonictonic.io