Podcast sound elements for brands


Why podcasting at all?

Brands have been increasingly using the auditory channel to communicate content, and not just since coronavirus.

The advantages over text or video are obvious – our ears can also be used to consume content when visual attention is required for other activities.

The transfer of information, e.g. while working on a computer screen, driving a car or cooking, works particularly well in purely auditory terms.
In addition, brands often already have possible content in written form, which only needs to be converted into podcast form.

Depending on the planned approach, podcasts are of course also suitable for interview situations, i.e. a conversation with the CEO, an insight into selected areas of work or the communication of content by the relevant branch of the company.

Whether tips and trends in tax, energy saving and fashion for B2C customers or critical questions to the management and employee coaching – there is a suitable format for every purpose.

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Branded Podcast

What do we offer?

While the information transfer of brands is usually visually perfect, i.e. logo, typography and sometimes even language are defined down to the last detail, there is often a need for optimisation on an acoustic level.

This is exactly where we come in with our podcast sound elements for brands.

GROVES produces audio packaging elements for high-quality, independent and brand-appropriate communication.
Similar to professional radio programmes, this sound kit consists of elements such as openers including podcast names, music beds of different activities, separators and closers.
All elements fit together seamlessly in terms of activity and tone and can therefore be used as the perfect packaging for your podcast.


Example of a podcast kit


The opener serves to identify the podcast. The podcast name, topic and names of the presenters are often mentioned there. If there is already a sound logo, this can also be incorporated.

Exemplary Opener

Music Module

The music modules can be seamlessly added to the opener and thus produced to the exact length required for the introduction.

Each module has different activity levels in order to offer sufficient variance over the course of the programme.

Music Module 1

Music Module 2

Music Module 3


The closer serves to conclude the podcast and thus offers a professional sound element, often with the podcast name mentioned again.

Exemplary Closer

Overview of the packages

Customers with GROVES podcast sound elements

Basic Kit

the start into the world of podcasting
1900 flat fee
  • - Opener Sound
  • - Closer Sound
  • - Recording of brand & podcast names
  • - incl. 1 feedback loop

Standard Kit

for a professional appearance
3800 flat fee
  • - Opener Sound
  • - Closer Sound
  • - 1 Podcast-Music-Bed
  • - Recording of brand & podcast names
  • - incl. 2 feedback loops

Pro Kit

the complete podcast sound
4900 flat fee
  • - Opener Sound
  • - Separator sound
  • - Closer Sound
  • - 2 Podcast-Music-Beds
  • - Recording of brand & podcast names
  • - incl. 3 feedback loops


Customers with GROVES podcast sound elements
ADC Award

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