Telephone Experience

Casting of speaker, production and media maintenance

The customer touchpoint telephone (in addition to the website) represents barrier-free company access for everyone. A colloquial greeting, apologetic absence, or simply a short waiting time are stress factors that not only influence the perception of the brand, but in the worst case can also lead to a break in contact.

GROVES Telephone Experience is our department for the systematic conception of call center sound design through sound branding elements such as Brand Voice, Brand Song< /i> (or Corporate Song), Sound Logo (or Audio Logo). It is very important to us to provide the perception of your brand for your customers and visitors in the telephone application with the brand identity you want.

Call Center Sound Design

Make yourself heard and improve your call center perception with simple sound design tricks. For example, create associations with your brand, especially when your customers come into contact with enthusiasm factors. Establish a brand voice and benefit from consistency and quick recognition.

Producing your own on-hold music pieces ensures you valuable differentiation. We analyze competitors for you and give you an advantage in communicating with your customers.

What is Call Center Sound Design?

What is your added value?


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