Die 5 beliebtesten Fehler beim Sound Branding

Whether it's just a marketing trend...

….or an effective communication tool, the topic of “sound branding” is currently on everyone’s lips. The reasons why the application of brand sound often fails before it has even started are quite easy to explain. We have summarised the 5 most common mistakes here:

01 Analysis?

Sound and music are subjective – at least without the necessary information about the brand, the market and its applications.

For example, it is very difficult to objectively evaluate a sound logo without having identified its sonically communicated brand values and attributes.

A fundamental analysis of the brand, its competition and an exploration of its relevant applications are therefore a must in sound branding – and that before production starts!

02 What is a "Buy-In“?

No matter how brilliant a sound branding concept is, it will usually remain just a concept if the majority of the subsequent users are not convinced.

Breaking through existing ways of thinking and involving relevant people in the company – this is one of the most important maxims if the concept is to work in the everyday life of the brand.

03 The missing Guidance

Sound elements should also never come without an instruction manual.

Where does the sound logo fit in? What elements are available? What music do I use at an exhibition stand? Where can I find the ringtone?

Similar to visual design guidelines, all users should have access to a set of rules – the so-called Brand Sound Guidelines.

04 Avoiding Overgrowth

Having clear rules does not necessarily mean that they will be followed.

New agencies, external service providers – whether through ignorance or with intent;

Without control, maintaining a consistent auditory brand image is impossible in the long run. Call yourself up, go to your Youtube channel or to one of your branches. Where you don’t recognise yourself acoustically, no one else will either.

05 An inflexible Concept

Even if sound branding is full of rules, elements and science – stay flexible!

The most important thing is the structured and consistent but also the emotional auditory communication of your brand to its target group. If there is a rule to bend now and then, then do it. But here too:

Think first, then act!

Who is GROVES?

GROVES is considered a specialist in corporate and brand sound and has shaped the sound of a large number of regional, national and international brands. Due to the growing demand for expert advice, the GROVES Sound Branding division was created, which deals specifically with the development and management of sonic identities. As a pioneer in this field, our methodology has already become something of an industry standard. Find out more about sound branding and our approach here.
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