The Ultimate "Sound Experience"

DATEV - Experience Center

Briefing centers are designed to connect visitors emotionally with brands and products before the decisive meetings take place. The underlying motto is: “Brand experience first, meeting second”. This concept was modified for DATEV: “Brand Experience throughout the meeting”. The floor plan, furniture, lighting, scent and sound were designed around the core of each meeting: “The psychology” The entire customer journey follows Bruce Tuckman‘s law of group dynamics, with participants going through the first two critical phases before they even sit down at the conference table.

However, the time spent there is usually short in any case, as there are specially developed areas for brainstorming, presentations or discussions that are precisely tailored to the respective requirements.

In these digital times, in which real encounters are becoming increasingly infrequent, the DATEV Experience Center creates an effective stage for making such opportunities dynamic and rewarding.

The Concept (Agency: CE+Co)

Customer Testimonials

The Task

In line with the overall concept of the multisensory customer journey, suitable soundscapes were to be developed for each part of the day and the 7 different rooms, which could be controlled seamlessly via a software solution that was also to be developed.

However, the objective was not to develop “music” but a multi-room sound experience that could be controlled by the meeting host.

The Result

A total of 14 matching sounds were developed, which are played synchronously via a multi-channel software solution with a DANTE connection.

The software ensures that the respective predefined mix of these sounds is available in each of the 7 rooms on the various, individually playable loudspeakers.

This approach not only makes it possible to change the activity and intensity of the required scenes and sequences, but also to achieve a seamless transition between the scenes.

The system can react to the number of people in the room, contains elements of the brand’s own sound identity and is simply controlled by the meeting host via a tablet, just like the lighting, for example.

Prizes & Nominations

The Software

The Routing

Other Impressions

Green Room
White Room
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