AEGON – Holistic sound branding with a system

Transform Tomorrow.

“Brands are remembered in different ways, and sound is a great tool for that,” says Wendel Hofman, Group Brand Manager at AEGON. “We want the AEGON soundtrack to evoke positive, happy feelings. That’s why we have developed AEGON music for every occasion. As we continue to digitise the business, we are finding more and more ways to increase brand awareness through sound. “

About the client

With a history of over 170 years, AEGON is one of the world’s leading providers of life insurance, pensions and asset management. AEGON operates in over 20 countries, including the USA, where they are known as Transamerica. Around 30,000 employees help 30 million customers take responsibility for their financial future.

The Sound Identity

The AEGON Corporate Sound Identity, consisting of the AEGON Sound Logo and the AEGON Brand Music – a pool of more than 20 sound elements that were developed and implemented internationally, based on the Aegon Global Slogan “Transform Tomorrow.”

The offer ranges from TV and radio commercials, trade fairs, events, corporate videos, phone loops and ringtones to customer life cycle touchpoints such as birthdays, retirement, motherhood and fatherhood etc.

With music styles ranging from dance, jazz, pop, film music to lift music, the brand has developed a comprehensive portfolio of brand sound elements for all listening occasions.

The AEGON Sound Identity was publicised through newsletters, jam sessions, events, intranet articles, competitions, social media posts and a dedicated image film. A short introductory video was also produced to illustrate the impact and origin of the AEGON Sound Identity.

AEGON Imagefilm

AEGON Imagefilm

Mongeral AEGON (Portugal)

AEGON Global Awards

A brand with a mission

Transform Tomorrow

What does tomorrow look like? What can we do to positively influence our lives? AEGON firmly believes that tomorrow starts today. AEGON is focussing on its customers and the conviction that financial decisions in particular will determine tomorrow. “Transform Tomorrow” is born.

Making values audible

The AEGON sound logo is reminiscent of a departure with certainties in its luggage. The exotic marimbas in particular, supported by the sound bridge, create a tension curve that lingers in a secure mood.

Application notes for the correct use of Brand Sounds

Strategic branding elements are of absolutely no use if they are misused or even completely neglected. Arbitrary use of these branding elements can even lead to negative brand associations.

Personal support and the Aegon brandnet ( have therefore proven to be the most important elements for the roll-out. A centralised controlling tool and document management proved to be extremely helpful for the design departments, for example. Furthermore, the tool’s overview meant that controlling bodies had a quick familiarisation phase and were able to exert strategic influence on media communication. Conclusion: The final Brandnet provides both administrative brand managers and creative professionals with an efficient solution for working together towards a common future.

Transform Tomorrow.

The global roll-out


As a globally active company, a worldwide roll-out is usually a serious hurdle. Strategy projects often fail after completion in the implementation phase. But not at Aegon. With many interesting ideas, such as the Sound Bar, Aegon creates curiosity and uses the dwell time to draw attention to the new sound identity.

Another solution, for example, is the many story podcasts that AEGON publishes:

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