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“Gioia Della Vita” – the Italian Zest for Life

How do unforgettable moments sound?

This was one of the key questions within the Ramazzotti sound identity development project.

For a long time, Ramazzotti focused its communication on the core product “Ramazzotti Amaro” – a herbal liqueur with a brand awareness of over 98% in Germany.

The main task was to refresh the auditory brand image, but with enough sonic flexibility to musically position new products, such as the brand new Aperitivo Rosato.

About the Client

2015 was a very special year for the traditional Ramazzotti brand. The No. 1 alcohol import from Italy celebrated its 200th birthday. Ramazzotti’s success story began back in 1815 on the basis of its unique recipe, which was developed by the pharmacist Ausano Ramazzotti in a small store in Milan.

Ramazzotti is not only the number one brand on the market, but also the most important brand for Pernod Ricard in Germany. This fact is underlined by a market share of 21%.

The Project

As part of the repositioning of the Prozess brand and updated insights into the target group, there was a desire to improve the brand’s auditory positioning. As the Amaro and Aperitivo products usually appeal to different buyers, the aim was to develop a concept that would provide the greatest possible musical flexibility while still offering a clear tonal connection.

The Result

A sound identity was developed that conveys the core attributes of the brand – joy of life, tradition, family, happiness and the Italian spirit.

To create the necessary flexibility for both product groups, two different songs were produced with different brand artists – basically the “traditional” and “modern” interpretation of the Italian “Gioia Della Vita”. All results were validated through extensive market research and documented within clear brand sound guidelines.

Both songs feature the Ramazzotti Sound logo and can currently be heard in the brand’s TV commercials – although TV is not the only touchpoint. Both brand artists are available for live bookings and performed their song versions on various occasions during the Ramazzotti birthday year.

Modules Used

Brand Audit | Market Review | Application Analysis | Sound Workshop | Creative Briefing | Sound Production | Market Research | Sound Implementation | Brand Sound Guidelines | Sound Tracking


Sound Logo | TV Advertisement | Telephone Loops | Event Musik | Ringtones | Youtube Music

TV Spot Aperitivo

TV Spot Amaro

“Gioia Della Vita” – Amaro Song

“Gioia Della Vita” – Amaro Song

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