LBS – An Evolution instead of a Revolution

Building brand values in a targeted manner.


We were tasked with evaluating the utilization of audio elements in the brand’s television advertisements and to provide recommendations for enhancing its sonic branding. In the course of our analysis, we unearthed a gem. A 40-year-old jingle, deeply embedded in the brand’s heritage, emerged as a key asset. We didn’t just acknowledge this connection; instead, we creatively reimagined the jingle’s final three notes—symbolic of the company name L-B-S—and seamlessly integrated them into a visual narrative. This strategic approach markedly boosted the brand’s recognition and recall.

About the Client

With a market share of 33%, the LBS Group is Germany’s number 1 mortgage savings bank.

The Result

The existing jingle from the sixties was saved from being substituted. It was identified by our consultation as a valuable brand asset, which we redesigned into a sound logo. By retaining the last three notes of the jingle and synchronizing them to a visual device representing “L-B-S”, we were able to create a memorable and easily recognizable sound logo. The texture of the sound logo communicates innovation, while the melody clearly connects to the brand heritage.

LBS Sound Logo

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