bonprix – Holistic Sound Branding as a System

“it’s me!” says the bonprix brand logo

“bonprix’s brand promise is encapsulated in a simple yet powerful statement: ‘This statement defines everything we do and create at bonprix to be your fashion favorite.’ This mantra not only guides our actions but also shapes our creations, ensuring we remain your preferred fashion destination.

At bonprix, we recognize the significance of strategic communication in establishing and maintaining a distinct brand identity. We don’t leave our brand messaging to chance; instead, we harness the full potential of purposeful communication to distinguish ourselves in a unique way. Our brand identity extends beyond visual elements; it’s deeply embedded in both audio and textual formats, articulated through clear guidelines. This approach simplifies the process, allowing us to convey our message emotionally and vividly in our campaigns, without requiring extensive effort or specialized knowledge.

Discover how bonprix, in collaboration with GROVES, successfully crafted and integrated a sound identity that resonates with our brand ethos and enhances our customer experience.

About the Client

bonprix is an international fashion company headquartered in Hamburg and is a subsidiary of the Otto Group founded in 1986. bonprix explains its approach in the fashion segment; “We pick up on the latest trends and translate them into inspiring fashion for many occasions and in many styles and sizes”

“Our customers love shopping in our online stores: bonprix generated around 80% of its global annual sales of over €1.56 billion in the 2017/2018 financial year in online retail.”

bonprix has expanded since it was founded and now spans five of its own brands as an “umbrella brand”. With a presence in 30 countries in Europe, Russia and North and South America, bonprix is one of the Otto Group’s top-selling companies.


Brand Analysis

Bonprix’s well-defined and strategically crafted brand identity is essential in the increasingly complex and competitive e-commerce landscape. The significance of e-commerce is undeniable, especially with advancements like digital payments and click & collect services. This growth is not just speculation; the German E-Commerce and Mail Order Association predicts a 9.3% market increase in 2018 alone.

In this crowded e-commerce arena, only those with clear and deliberate positioning can thrive, making bonprix’s distinct identity vital not only for its success but also to ensure it doesn’t encroach on the market shares of its fellow Otto Group companies.

Integral to this strategy is the bonprix sound identity, designed to differentiate the brand further and streamline media selection for branding purposes.

Bonprix’s commitment to strategic marketing is evident and effective, as demonstrated by its ranking among the top 5 online stores in Germany in terms of revenue, as reported in the “E-Commerce Market Germany 2017” study by the EHI Retail Institute and Statista.

bonprix Imagefilm (Brand Song)

bonprix Employment (internal)

bonprix Africa Campaign

bonprix Mother’s Day Campaign

An appropriate und memorable Melody – the bonprix Sound Logo

Getting brand values heard

and to translate them from one comprehensible system into another. The systematic transformation of linguistic worlds into the acoustic cosmos provides the so-called “acoustic brand guiding principle” – which formulates the goal for the bonprix sound identity.

The bonprix sound logo and the other elements of the bonprix sound identity were developed on this basis.

The bonprix Brand Song

Source material of the sound identity

In addition to the sound logo, the brand song is the source material for the sound identity. Unlike the easily recognizable melody of the sound logo, this is to be understood as the basis for further compositions. It contains compositional elements that suggest the unique bonprix sound identity through their particular modernity, quality, dynamics and mood.

The bonprix sound identity was developed according to the assessment criteria listed above. The starting point for the tonality and tone sequence was the brand promise and the values that bonprix stands for.

Sound as an Instrument of Brand Communication

The bonprix Brandsuite

Sound branding translates the positioning of the bonprix brand onto an acoustic level. In this way, it supports differentiation from the competition and gives bonprix an acoustic identity.

Various versions of the brand song are already available (different lengths, activity levels and use of instruments) to optimally support the various moving image contents with music.

All assets are supplied in this pool and updated regularly:

  1. All existing versions of the brand song
  2. Sound logo
  3. Derived music
    Guidelines for the use of the brand song and sound logo including information on usage rights.
  4. Application templates (e.g. telephone loop music)


Other Sound Branding Projects

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